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Islamic State behead, mutilate, rape, enslave and massacre exactly as the Koran instructs – emulating the Prophet of Islam

A new terror group, Khorasan, is ‘much scarier than ISIS’ admits US National Intelligence Director

Video: Saudi sermon describe eternal sex orgies entitled to Muslim men in paradise

London children as young as ten being ‘trained to be junior jihadis’ – but do not panick says Deputy Mayor

‘Muslim convert’ beheads 82-year old woman with a machete in North London

This is not an extremist act – it is a typical mudslime act. The police have stated that the ape was ‘only’ hacking cats to death with a machette! So, in our multiculti paradise, our pets have to be sacrificed to those who have superstitions which include murdering animals.

So, we must tolerate the rape of our children and the production of halfbreed mongrels which will identify with the evil cult of their rapist fathers, we must tolerate the forced imposition of halal on our school children and in our supermarkets, we must tolerate the beheading of our cats (alongside the poisoning of dogs), we must forgive terrorists who lie that they now want to come ‘home’ (ha ha) to the UK after murdering non-mudlimes overseas, we must make excuses when our people are slain in broad daylight, by stating that it is just a few wrong ‘uns and not real islam at work.


Expel all paki-stanis and other moslem scum now. Behead those who insult England! Politicians, Social Workers, Police, Moslems – all of them!

Al Qaeda declares Jihad against India

Islamic State seeks to use bubonic plague and chemical warfare as a weapon of war

Racist anti-Semitic Muslim Convert and British MP George Galloway Attacked

Yazidis Commit Mass-Suicide After Rape by Islamic State Fighters

Britain’s Suicide Mission: Former CIA Officer: UK Multiculturalism Created Homegrown Radicalism