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London children as young as ten being ‘trained to be junior jihadis’ – but do not panick says Deputy Mayor

September 13, 2014

The Muslim Issue

Sounds like a capable government, fully able to manage Muslims!

Small kids are being trained to be suicide bombers and martyrs to appease Allah, like in Palestine, but do no worry all you British dhimmis. Nothing will come out of it. Keep importing more and more Muslims, spend another £550,000 each on Muslim “asylum” seekers, give them visa free travels, grab their bogus “investment” monies and allow them to basically purchase the entire country while they breed like vermin, remain defiant to integrate, and train their children to hate and kill you, praying for your demise five times per day.

Don’t bother to consider the fact that Muslim have occupied 53 foreign countries and their hatred and entitlement to harass, terrorize and kill non-Muslims stretches back 1,400 years. There has never been a break or a transformation to this duty of theirs since the birth of Mohammed. But you imagine…

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