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‘Muslim convert’ beheads 82-year old woman with a machete in North London

September 5, 2014

This is not an extremist act – it is a typical mudslime act. The police have stated that the ape was ‘only’ hacking cats to death with a machette! So, in our multiculti paradise, our pets have to be sacrificed to those who have superstitions which include murdering animals.

So, we must tolerate the rape of our children and the production of halfbreed mongrels which will identify with the evil cult of their rapist fathers, we must tolerate the forced imposition of halal on our school children and in our supermarkets, we must tolerate the beheading of our cats (alongside the poisoning of dogs), we must forgive terrorists who lie that they now want to come ‘home’ (ha ha) to the UK after murdering non-mudlimes overseas, we must make excuses when our people are slain in broad daylight, by stating that it is just a few wrong ‘uns and not real islam at work.


Expel all paki-stanis and other moslem scum now. Behead those who insult England! Politicians, Social Workers, Police, Moslems – all of them!

The Muslim Issue

muslim convert sky news

We don’t have this confirmed yet. The report below is the first publication of this murder and we will have to wait for tomorrows report.

A reader sent us the upcoming headline of the printed front page of THE SUN newspaper in Britain that a ‘Muslim convert’ is behind the brutal murder of an elderly Italian woman. A witness through twitter says that a ‘Muslim man’ was chasing domestic animals and trying to cut them with a machete when an old woman interfered. The Muslim then stabbed the woman repeatedly and beheaded her yelling ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar’.

82-year-old Palmira Silva was found beheaded in a garden in Edmonton, north London. A 25-year-old-man was arrested on suspicion of murder.  Police have stated that there is no reason to suspect a terrorist motive.

This is not an “isolated incident”. She is the third woman to have been beheaded in London in less…

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