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Islamic State seeks to use bubonic plague and chemical warfare as a weapon of war

August 31, 2014

The Muslim Issue

History repeats itself. We have always insisted that Muslims are the ones who intentionally spread plagues into Europe in a medieval warfare that killed half of Europe’s population. The appearance of anti-semitism in Europe coordinates with the spread of the plague. Jewish presence came from outside into Europe as slaves through Muslim transport and trade routes. The Islamic propaganda and diseases, infected from the Arab slave trade, became assumed to be ‘curses’ bought into Europe by the enslaved Jews and the diseases they had been infected with by their slave masters, sent as weapons into the lands that Muslims were not able to conquer and penetrate fully. But while spreading it, the Arabs ended up killing their own which spoiled their worldwide Caliphate war and eventually defeated them.

It is time for the West to have zero tolerance and deport them fully and completely – and nuke them off. This…

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