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Britain’s Suicide Mission: Former CIA Officer: UK Multiculturalism Created Homegrown Radicalism

August 22, 2014

The Muslim Issue

extreme islam

When UK allies was told they had been too liberal to a foreign “culture” that would not fit into their own, people just rolled their eyes. Rather than keep their own culture firm Britain spent millions in local government funds to open mosques for them, Islamic schools,  organizations, Sharia banking, a different law for them than for others. They even  translated any services into their own language so they didn’t even have to learn English, and helped to import hate preachers from their own countries so they could incorporate all the hatred, violence and extremism they claimed to escape from into Britain. And the effect of all this is the mushrooming of entire Sharia zones all across Britain and a parasitic host that seeks to occupy and hijack their entire society.

That’s how dumb the senior leadership in every department is in Britain, whether it is in politics, the police…

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