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‘We love you ISIS’: Muslims from around the world post their support of a terrorist organization so extreme even al-Qaeda finds them brutal

June 20, 2014

The Muslim Issue

But we are endless being argued with that Muslims are so peaceful! And terrorists are supposedly only a minority yet they have billions of dollars in funding support, and publish their financial statements and inventory of the number of executions and bombings they have committed. Then why would they be so in love with a terrorist organisation whoms political goal is to kill people unless they convert to Islam or pay jizya for their own survival under a worldwide Islamic state where everyone lives under Muslim savagery, satanism and horrors?

Now comes the same “human rights” nonsense. This is the usual RACIST war that Muslims have committed for 1,400 years. It has nothing to do with Sunni’s being more discriminated against than Shiites, or being oppressed. Islam is a methodology is total and utter barbarity. Anyone living under it will be ‘oppressed’. They seek to exterminate each other, and anyone…

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