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The writings of Winston Churchill is now officially ‘hate speech’ in Britain. Salafism is not.

April 28, 2014

The Muslim Issue

One of the most successful civilisations in modern times have turned completely mad on their little Island, and turned on their own.

Quoting a book by the former prime minister Winston Churchill is now hate speech in Britain and subject to arrest.
This law does not apply to Muslims however. Anjem Choudary is free to call for the murder of non-Muslims, quote Mein Kampf, incite the takeover of their country, teach and instill a sense of rejection and hatred of non-Muslims.

Britain has had an open door policy to Salafi hate preachers for decades without arresting any of them. And today they don’t even need visas and can travel straight from their Saudi nest of terrorist ideology, funding and plotting to British shores on ‘shopping trips’. Visas were waived to Saudi’s from January 1, 2014, by Home Minister Theresa May under the David Cameron Tory government. And soon the kafirs of…

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