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Iranian rape victim may be pardoned execution if she apologizes – for being raped

April 21, 2014

So a moslem woman has to apologise for tempting a male moslem monster into raping her! One would have thought that this would have been enough to awaken her from her delusions, yet still she embraces the cult of mohammed! She deserves to be hanged for her own stupidity.

The Muslim Issue

Come again???

Muslim reasoning 101: woman is raped. It must be her fault. If it wasn’t her fault how could she be raped? After all, she did leave her home and she did walk outside meaning she did – intentionally and by her own volition – mix with other people. Therefore, she asked for it! She must be hanged.

That’s Muslim mentality for Dummies.

Now here’s a question: should it be permissible for Muslim women to give birth to male babies? After all, isn’t that a form of consensual intimacy that would be deemed haram in Islam? Imagine, an entire male body pushed through the cervix, naked and all! What shame!


Iranian rape victim to be hanged unless she apologizes for sex assault claims

Interior designer Reyhaneh Jabbari killed Moreteza Abdolai Sarbandi after Jabbari was called to do some for work and was allegedly assaulted by Sarbandi. Now…

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