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UK illegal Muslim assault 8-year old girl and claim asylum on his arrest

March 7, 2014

As the Swiss tighten up on immigrunts, the UK bends over even more. Disgusting.

The Muslim Issue

The United Kingdom of Islam (Britain) is never short of one story after another on the marvelous “culture” of the followers of the religion of peace.

He must have seen the little 8-year old and been reminded of Mohammed’s boner for Aiysha when she was six.


Algerian illegal immigrant, 42, sexually assaulted eight-year-old girl in Madame Tussauds gift shop… then claimed asylum after he was arrested in bid to avoid deportation

  • Ouldkount Belabbas kissed and led child away while she was buying gifts
  • He led her to corner not covered by CCTV and began sexual assaulting her
  • Eight-year-old had been allowed into shop alone to buy a secret present
  • She was using pocket money to buy a gift for her mother’s coming birthday
  • Belabbas believed to have lived in the country illegally for around 13 years
  • Claimed asylum shortly after being arrested in effort to avoid deportation

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